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A BusinessCann Top 10 – The Most Read Stories Since Our April Launch


OVER the last few years the tide has turned for cannabis and that trend continued in 2020 and looks set to continue into 2021 and beyond.

A year dominated by the global pandemic saw cannabis classed as an essential service in North America and the ‘normalisation’ of cannabis  crystallised in the US election which saw more votes cast for cannabis than candidates in some states.

Elsewhere around the globe, we are seeing major shifts in the approach of governments and their peoples to cannabis following years of vilification.

The Enlightenment Era

This culminated in the recognition of the medical properties of cannabis at the United Nations earlier the month.

With a new era of cannabis enlightenment underway there could not be a better time to be working in the sector.

BusinessCann was launched in late April to report on the businesses and people forging the development of the European medical cannabis, hemp and CBD wellness industries.

Over those months BusinessCann has become a leading source of industry news and comment, with website visitors, page-views, and social media followings and engagements growing rapidly.

As we close the year we reflect on the stories, you, our readers, enjoyed the most by publishing the ‘BusinessCann Top 10’.

Unsurprisingly, our exclusive on Amazon launching a CBD trial in the UK was  the most popular. 

Europe’s 360 degree turn on the status of CBD – a food, a narcotic drug, and then a food again, and the related KanaVape case both featured strongly.

Our interviews with the lawyer and the businessman who fought for cannabis companies to access the London Stock Exchange was the third most popular read.

Elsewhere, Novel Food, UK medical access, UK medical cannabis cultivation plans and the launch of a new cannabis venture capital fund also made the top 10.

1 Amazon Enters CBD Retail Market – But Only In One Country

2. Huge Result For CBD Industry With Europe’s Top Court Saying It Is Not A Narcotic

3. The Persevering Pair Who Helped Open The London Stock Exchange To Cannabis

4. Europe’s CBD Brexit; On The Continent It’s Now A ‘Drug’ – In The UK It’s A Food

5. Europe’s CBD U-Turn Set To Cause Widespread Harm To Businesses And Consumers

6. New Access Scheme Aims To Deliver Medical Cannabis To Thousands Of UK Patients

7. Will This $2m Transatlantic Toxicity Trial Of 15 Animal Species Prove CBD Is Safe?

8. New UK Cannabis Fund Closes In On Its First $75m Investment

9 £28m UK Horticultural Firm Turns To Cannabis: ‘We are learning More And More About This Fascinating Plant’

10. KanaVape Judgement Expected Soon; Stay Tuned To BusinessCann For Running Updates From 8.30am-ish GMT

BusinessCann will be taking a break until the New Year with the website being closed down for essential works for some of that time.

In the meantime we thank you for your ongoing support – and look forward to seeing you in 2021 as we move ahead with exciting plans to build on the foundations laid since the Spring.

Have a great festive break,


Peter McCusker, Editor, BusinessCann

Peter McCusker is an experienced news and business editor, who believes it’s time to fully embrace the multiple, proven, medical benefits of the cannabis plant.


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