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Portugal’s Left Bloc Party Has Delivered A New Draft Bill To Parliament Proposing The Legalisation Of Cannabis For Personal Use

As reported by CannaReporter The Bloco de Esquerda (The Left Bloc), Portugal's left-wing democratic socialist party, delivered a new draft law to the Assembly of...

Akanda’s Tej Virk Has A Message For The Portuguese Government – “Legalise It Before Germany”

As reported by Cannareporter TEJ Virk, CEO of Akanda Corporation, which recently acquired Portugal's Holigen for €26 million , has gained a reputation in the global cannabis space...

Portuguese Cannabis Exports Skyrocket 566%

As reported by Cannareporter PORTUGUESE cannabis exports increased by 566% in 2021, the Jornal de Notícias reported this week.  According to information from Portugal’s National Medical...

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