NewsBenefits of F1 Cannabis Hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds

Benefits of F1 Cannabis Hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds


F1 hybrids have revolutionised the way we grow and use plants. Now, F1 cannabis seeds are bringing growers, smokers, and patients access to the best weed ever.

F1 hybrid cannabis promises to revolutionise the world of weed with hybrid vigour, a uniform crop, and bigger yields. Unlike regular cannabis strains, F1 hybrids are bred from inbred lines, resulting in the most stable and highest-yielding type of cannabis ever seen.

Cannabis growers are all too familiar with the stark difference between phenotypes (or “phenos”) when growing conventional strains. For decades, growers have been planting seeds that, despite belonging to the same “strain”, grow into plants with starkly different physical traits and flowering times, and produce buds with varying concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Similarly, cannabis users (even those lucky enough to live in areas where cannabis is sold legally) have been left to navigate a market where buds or extracts originating from the same strain often exhibit very different aromas, flavours, and cannabinoid levels. F1 cannabis hybrids from Royal Queen Seeds, however, put an end to the lottery of cannabis genetics, finally offering both growers and cannabis users access to reliable and repeatable product.

“F1” is a genealogical term that stands for “filial 1” and refers to the first set of offspring (i.e. seeds) resulting from the cross of two genetically different plants. Unlike regular cannabis strains (which are created by crossing any combination of plants, most of which are stemming from a vibrant gene pool), F1 hybrids descend from genetic inbred lines (IBLs). These plants have been meticulously inbred for many generations in order to create homozygous genetic lines with unique sets of desirable traits, such as: 

• Particular stature and size: to suit the needs and/or setups of different growers

• Desired flowering time: to accommodate specific outdoor seasons or indoor conditions

• Photoperiod or autoflowering behaviour

• Bud structure and resin production: for a potent end product with plenty of “bag appeal”

• Higher terpene and cannabinoid levels: to suit the needs and preferences of end users (both recreational and medical)

• Yield size: to maximise returns come harvest time

When two homozygous inbred plant lines are crossed, heterosis occurs, resulting in a uniform heterozygous crop with great vigour and genetic traits inherited from both parents. These plants often exhibit faster growth, improved resilience to pests and pathogens, and higher yields. You can visit Royal Queen Seeds for a more detailed explanation of how F1 cannabis hybrids are created; for now let’s take a closer look at what F1 genetics offer cannabis growers and users. 

For cannabis growers (both hobby gardeners and professional farmers), F1 hybrids promise to revolutionise the quality of cannabis crops and the product they produce. To visualise the benefits of F1 hybrids, we needn’t look further than corn and tomatoes—two crops whose yields increased dramatically thanks to the implementation of F1 hybrid varieties. USDA-NASS Crop Production Reports show that since their introduction almost 90 years ago, F1 corn hybrids have increased corn yields by over 700%. Similarly, since their invention in the late 1960s, F1 tomato hybrids have boosted tomato yields by over 300%. 

Besides improved yields, F1 cannabis hybrids also offer growers access to genetics tailored to their needs. Indoor growers, for example, finally have access to reliable cannabis varieties that grow to manageable heights, flower in a set number of weeks, and maintain structures that suit the specific conditions of indoor rooms/tents. Similarly, F1 hybrids offer outdoor growers large, resilient plants that can stave off common cannabis pests and pathogens, and flower in a period suited to specific geographic regions. 

The uniformity and stability of F1 hybrids is no small achievement. Managing cannabis plants with different statures, flowering times, and resilience requires extra care and resources. Nonetheless, this has long been the norm in the world of cannabis genetics, which, until now, has essentially been a melting pot of strains with a seemingly unlimited variation of traits and characteristics. 

For growers, F1 hybrids offer a transition to a reliable crop whose cultivation can be streamlined to reduce labour without affecting harvest quality. For both hobby cannabis gardeners and licensed producers, this means access to seeds that bring down cultivation costs and maximise returns come harvest time. 

However, the benefits of F1 hybrids don’t just affect growers—they also extend to the end consumer. F1 cannabis hybrids aren’t just uniform in terms of physical traits; they also consistently produce well-structured flowers with a high amount of resin and excellent concentrations of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other active compounds that give this ancient plant its unique effects. 

For the first time ever, cannabis end users (both recreational and medical) now have access to plants that consistently produce top-shelf flowers with the aromas, flavours, and effects they’re looking for. For recreational users, this means access to the best smoke they’ve ever enjoyed. For medical users, it means access to reliable cannabis medicines that offer real relief. 

F1 hybrid model has already revolutionised the way we cultivate and use many plants. Now, for the first time ever, F1 seed technology is extending into the budding cannabis space, giving growers and cannabis users from all walks of life access to the best weed they could ever imagine. Be part of the revolution—choose F1 hybrid genetics.

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