NewsIs Luxembourg’s Quest To Introduce An Adult-Use Cannabis Programme...

Is Luxembourg’s Quest To Introduce An Adult-Use Cannabis Programme Going Up In Smoke?


CONCERNS over Luxembourg’s intent to become the first European country to legalise adult-use cannabis have emerged.

In an interview on public radio Justice Minister Sam Tanson refused to confirm that Luxembourg will legalize recreational cannabis by 2023.

The Luxembourg Times reports Ms Tanson as saying: “I can’t confirm anything,” when asked if cannabis was going to be legalized as first proposed by the coalition government in 2018.

Earlier on, in last Friday’s interview, she had sidestepped questions over the comprehensive plan to legalize the production, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis, reports the newspaper.

Neighbours Object

The Luxembourg Times’s report goes on to say that three neighbouring countries – France, Germany and Belgium – have expressed their dissatisfaction with the project, fearing that the relaxation of the rules could lead to ‘unrest’ in the border regions, although this cannot be confirmed.

However, Ms Tanson went on to say she would release a package of measures for drug safety and policy issues next month, which would include the regulation of cannabis use, although she refused to elaborate.

Sam Tanson

She said: “Our drug policies of the past ten years have been a failure, we cannot continue with these repressive measures. 

“We want to prevent people from using drugs, but we also want to support those who are dependent, socially and from a health point of view. And we want to ensure the safety of residents.”

In 2017 Luxembourg announced plans to legalise medical cannabis use and the following year announced its intent to legalise adult-use.

Whilst its population of around 600,000 does not make it a large market it would make it the first European country to legalise adult-use

The 2018 agreement proposed a draft law to be submitted for this Autumn, with legislation by Autumn 2023, highlight Prohibition Partners in the Sixth Edition of The European Cannabis Report

The proposal included the following: 

A maximum of 30 grams of cannabis may be bought per month per person

Buyers must be over 18 years old

No deliveries or online sales are allowed

Only residents of over 6 months may purchase cannabis

Consumption is prohibited in public places

Cannabis products are to be produced exclusively in Luxembourg

14 points of sale across the country are planned in an initial phase

Part of the annual turnover has to be paid to the State

In early 2021 a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said it would not be adhering to any specific deadlines.

In 2019 former Economy Minister Etienne Schneider and Sam Tanson’s predecessor Felix Braz visited Canada to learn how the country implemented its regulation to legalize cannabis for adult-use that year. 

Peter McCusker is an experienced news and business editor, who believes it’s time to fully embrace the multiple, proven, medical benefits of the cannabis plant.


    • Yes, Stephen, all of the Dutch coffee shops are supplied from the black market, the move in Europe now is to a properly-regulated, state-sanctioned industry supplying approved products and generating tax revenues to support investment into the economy and society as a whole.

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