Press ReleasesMGC Pharmaceuticals Launches New Medical Data App

MGC Pharmaceuticals Launches New Medical Data App


MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (‘MGC Pharma’ or ‘the Company’) a European based bio-pharma company specialising in the production and development of phytomedicines, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a data collection App and machine learning algorithm, ZAM, developed in conjunction with software development company Caba Tech.

The Application, which is scheduled to be available from App stores in Q3 2022, following successful completion of the certification process, will enable patients to log their medical history and monitor their medication use. ZAM, through the collection the patient data, will provide users with a more complete understanding of their health and treatment impact. The App will not only provide patients with instructions on how and when to take medication (per their medical practitioners advice), but will also measure treatment progress, and have the ability for a qualified doctor to prescribe alternative medication following a consultation.

Once the initial phase of data collection is underway, the App’s AI  or machine learning will begin. The algorithm will use data collected from the App, in addition to results from academic and clinical studies, to predict potential conflicting side effects from multiple treatments, as well as allowing users to order existing prescriptions, and provide the App user’s practitioner with a comprehensive set of data on treatment and medical history. ZAM will be accessible across the globe, making the App more accessible than any doctor.

The Application will have some immediate benefits to MGC Pharma, as. It will enable improved data collection from patients enrolled in clinical trials, and taking MGC Pharma products, which will help improve the accuracy of our clinical trials and dosing of our products, 

In time, the statistical database created by ZAM will also be useful to a range of organisations, such as pharmaceutical businesses, insurers and other healthcare providers, which will provide the Company with an opportunity to commercialise both the App and data.

ZAM is a joint venture between Caba Tech and MGC Pharma, with MGC Pharma currently in discussions with Caba Tech to acquire a 40% stake in the application, leaving Caba Tech responsible for the App development.

Roby Zomer, co-founder and Managing Director of MGC Pharmaceuticals, commented“It has been clear to us for some time that used properly, AI has the ability to transform the pharmaceutical industry, and improve outcomes for patients. Our work with Caba Tech has produced an App which has broad ranging implications for the health sector. This App will serve as an ‘online doctor’, both collecting data and learning from it to predict conflicts in treatments, increasing efficiency for medical practitioners.”

Our conversations across the medical research industry and with patients have shown there is a real need for this App, and we truly believe that it can revolutionise the delivery of medical services for people globally.”

Alessandra-Manuela Cadavid-Doubinina CEO of Caba Tech, commented: “We believe that apps like ZAM are able to change the way people take medication and discuss the effects of their treatment with their practitioners. The app will help clinical research teams to receive live and high-quality data on their patients, which will enable drug research to be as precise as possible. The aim of the AI is to help doctors make fast decisions in patient treatment with data collected in 40 different languages and 2 million different recaches in less than 2 minutes, which serves as the gate to collective intelligence.”

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