Reakiro – Europe’s Leading CBD And Hemp Brand – Delivers The Complete B2B & B2C Package

IN a time when CBD products are becoming unavoidable in the health, wellness and fitness industries, it is more important than ever to be able to trace the products back to the source and establish who exactly are the trusted manufacturers in this business. 

Reakiro, first founded over five years ago, is on a mission to bring the finest quality hemp products to as many people around the world to improve their lives and to also establish themselves amongst other manufacturers, suppliers, producers and sellers of CBD as a leading business.

The Reakiro team, who are based across Europe, first started their venture by dedicating two years to researching the best strains of hemp for producing high quality, high potency CBD. 

This required not only time but also a team of experts with the science to back each decision that was made. In addition to sourcing the best strains of hemp to be grown for CBD extraction and production, the scientific researchers at Reakiro were also charged with the mammoth task of finding the most fertile fields for these plants to be grown, including factors such as soil quality, sunlight, temperature and rainfall. 

It was essential that all of these elements were tried, tested and perfected in-house before any Reakiro products went to market. 

L to R: Stuart McKenzie, Co-Founder and CEO of Reakiro with Mark Wright, fellow Co-Founder and Head of Operations.

Reakiro wants their products to help people around the world to benefit from the natural potential of the hemp plant, whether that be its anti-inflammatory properties used to soothe muscle and joint pain, its antioxidant properties as a boost for the immune system and a rejuvenating experience for the skin, or its effect in normalising the body’s chemical balances. 

Reakiro’s mark of quality is proven by the glowing customer testimonials as well as consistent results from third-party independent laboratories which show the quality, purity and consistency of their formulations.

Reakrio Wholesale

The range of products that Reakiro has to offer is far-reaching, from oils to skincare products, and there are many businesses that are very keen on stocking CBD products on their shelves. 

However, as evidenced it takes a small army of resources in order to create high-quality products which are effective for consumers. This is a massive obstacle for a small business who would just like to test what kind of appetite their customer base has for CBD products, or a shop that only wishes to sell skincare products. 

In these scenarios, the small companies are not going to invest the time and money into growing their own hemp, extracting the CBD and formulating their own products. Noticing this Reakiro have addressed this issue.

Reakiro’s wholesale service is the perfect solution to this problem. The wholesale service allows companies to buy and stock products from the Reakiro range of products on their very own shelves and websites. 

This way, businesses can be confident in the quality of the products they are selling and can also benefit from the established name of Reakiro in the CBD world.

Reakiro White Label

While wholesale is the solution for many small businesses, larger companies or companies who want to get deeper and more personal in the CBD world have the fantastic opportunity to use Reakiro’s white label service. 

Using the proven high-quality and well-received formulations of Reakiro’s various CBD products, this white label service allows companies to work with Reakiro to create their own branding to be used in conjunction with these formulations. This means if a company has a strong brand identity, it can make products in line with this. 

Or, if there is a particular demographic or audience that the business feels a new branding could reach, they can work in conjunction with the Reakiro team to develop this. Essentially, the white label service provides high quality formulations with the opportunity for another business name and vision to be reflected in the packaging.

International Markets

Reakiro’s products, wholesale services, and white label services are currently available across Europe and the rest of the world where the CBD market has boomed in recent years. This boom is thanks to more and more people learning about the natural power and potential of CBD products. 

However, this sudden boom has led to such a fast growth that regulation cannot keep up. This means that there are numerous companies trying to cash in on the excitement around CBD without investing time and money into the quality of their products, often resulting in products that have a very low amount of CBD in them or a CBD extract of low quality which was simply cheap and quick to produce. Many without the proper certification and labelling requirements.

By partnering with a trusted, established manufacturer such as Reakiro, companies can ensure that the products that they are selling on their shelves are of high quality and have been well received by consumers across the continent.

Reakiro, available in Holland & Barrett

Reakiro Product Categories

If you think that selling high quality CBD products is the next great step in your business’s journey, it is crucial to take into consideration just what kind of products are on offer and what would work best for both your brand and your customer base.


CBD oils are often thought of as the original CBD product. The popularity of CBD oil is generally due to its versatility. When taking CBD oil you can either absorb it sublingually (under the tongue) or you have the option of getting creative, adding it to food and beverages such as salad dressings, smoothies and hot drinks. Oils are also incredibly versatile in the options they offer for varying dosages, if someone wants to increase or decrease their dosage by the smallest amount the dropper which comes with a CBD tincture gives them the freedom to do so.


While CBD oils offer freedom and flexibility in use and dosage, CBD capsules offer their users convenience and consistency. CBD capsules are all pre-measured with a precise amount of CBD oil, this means that people can be assured that they’re taking an exact amount of CBD each time, allowing them to keep track and monitor their intake easily. In addition, capsules are easy to take, as simple as a daily vitamin.


Some people love the earthy, hempy taste of CBD, in which case they opt for CBD oils. Some people wish for the effects and benefits of taking CBD but have no wish to taste, in which case swallowing a capsule is the perfect product. 

However, for some people, tantalising their tastebuds is a near priority. With CBD sprays people get all the goodness of CBD infused with full fruity flavours, making their CBD experience a treat for their mind, body, and tongue. And not only are these products tasty, but they’re also easy to take. Pocket size and ready to be carried anywhere, one spray is one serving and you’re good to go.


Cannabinoid receptors are located in the body (the central nervous system and the autoimmune system) which is why so many CBD products are to be taken orally. But there are also a great number of receptors in the skin, meaning we can benefit from CBDs anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties through the application of CBD skincare products. From beauty products to everyday essentials, CBD is one of the fastest growing popular ingredients in skincare right now.

Sports Range

Sports require a great amount of exertion for your mind, body and skin – so what better helping hand from Mother Nature than CBD. Reakiro has developed a range of CBD products specifically designed for athletes and sportspeople, this range of formulations includes skincare, muscle relief, capsules and more. All of these products contain zero THC, in line with many competitive sporting rules and regulations.

Reakiro welcomes partners from all over to help change the world naturally. 

For enquiries please visit cbdreakiro.com

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