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UK CBD Brand OTO Signs Deal With Synthetic CBD Brand Pureform Global


LONDON-based wellness and CBD brand, OTO, have signed a partnership deal with Pureform Global. This groundbreaking partnership will enable OTO to manufacture their award winning premium CBD lifestyle products with synthetic CBD with a view to selling into currently restricted territories, such as UAE/Middle East; Singapore; Russia; India; parts of Europe and some states in USA, alongside their recent launch in Japan. 

The deal is estimated at a value of £15m, with a potential for up to £150m, if penetration mirrors the trajectory of the UK and some EU countries over the next 3 years. 

PureForm Global is the leading manufacturer of cannabinoids for consumer brands and human therapeutics. Founded in 2016, they produce the most promising molecules in cannabis without using the plant itself, which is prohibited for all uses in most countries. 

Utilising citrus terpenes to make a bio-­identical cannabidiol, Pureform have developed methods to reliably combine a proprietary blend of terpene starting materials to consistently produce the molecule and develop pure, unadulterated, bioidentical CBD. PureForm has developed the global capacity to produce its CBD in commercial quantities, at near-perfect purity and OTO will be the first premium UK CBD brand to partner with them. 

The next step of the partnership will see OTO and Pureform contact relevant regulators in some of the strictest regions for pre-approval, before developing the commercial and JV distribution agreements in each territory to underpin the forecast sales. 

On the partnership, OTO’s co-founder James Bagley, says: “We are on a mission to create the LVMH of CBD, introducing select premium brands in key verticals to complement OTO. Embracing synthetic CBD supply is the critical next step in our mission. 

“We expect early volumes to be small, but to grow rapidly as seen in other territories, creating value and jobs within the countries we operate in. OTO’s focus will initially be on locations like Dubai (UAE), Russia and Singapore, alongside our recent launch in Japan.

“Our strategy will involve direct engagement with regulators in relevant territories and, because the molecule is not derived from hemp or cannabis, it is not governed by the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs – thereby removing risk and increasing potential reach of CBD in selected geographies which have not yet regulated to make CBD legal.

“OTO will not be shifting all supply to synthetic CBD. We have a long and fruitful relationship with leading CBD provider  Mile High Labs, and we remain positive about the role of CBD extracted from industrial hemp globally.”

As part of their ongoing global expansion, OTO has already extended into Asia with a recent launch in Japan and market leading presence in Hong Kong. The Japan  launch will allow customers there to enjoy the brand’s award-winning premium CBD products, all with the OTOStrengthR Guarantee, that delivers the optimum dose of 40mg-60mg, to help them discover the power of this incredible molecule. The global partnership with Pureform Global will enable OTO to further expand into otherwise restricted jurisdictions globally.

OTO’s brand mission is to help and encourage people to discover the real power of CBD, via thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into daily rituals. The production of industrial hemp is intrinsic in supplying CBD and other industries globally, however certain countries simply won’t legalise CBD while it is derived from the cannabis sativa plant (or hemp).. 

That means billions of people still cannot enjoy the functional benefits of an amazing molecule, which OTO are committed to changing. This partnership is a huge development for the CBD industry by market leaders, OTO, and will open up new territories to premium CBD, allowing the world to discover the power of CBD.


OTO (rhymes with ‘photo’) was born out of a personal desire to share the wonder of CBD with as many people as possible, through luxurious products and meaningful experiences.

OTO was founded by husband and wife team, Gemma Colao and James Bagley, who set up California’s first legal online dispensary. Gemma first discovered the power of CBD whilst working in the fast-paced fashion industry as a way to manage her own anxiety and hormonal acne. Upon returning to the UK, Gemma and James teamed up with a group of friends that include world-leading scientists and designers to create OTO; their aim is to redefine the UK’s CBD sector with their sophisticated, simple and enjoyable products that fit into your daily lives.

Under their direction, OTO’s team of world-leading scientists and botanists have sourced the highest quality essential oils, botanicals, scents and flavours from around the world, blending them with an unparalleled quantity of pure CBD isolate to create a range of luxurious and extremely effective beauty and wellness products, which easily fit into your daily rituals.

OTO is one of the most awarded brands in the industry, recently winning awards including “The best CBD brand for Skincare” and “The best CBD brand for Sleep”. 

Each of OTO’s products are centred around the brand’s three pillar philosophy of Focus, Amplify and Balance, with the intention of creating new luxurious rituals and bringing presence and calm to every moment of the day; whilst their ™ OTO Strength Guarantee ensures each of their products deliver the recommended daily dose of 40-60mg of CBD. Every step of their design process is taken with care and uncompromising attention to detail.


Synthetic CBD is manufactured using citrus fruits (oranges) as its starting base as opposed to industrial hemp, or cannabis sativa. PureForm CBD – the CBD that never contains THC. Our product is produced with unmatched purity of 99.5%+. Because it is not extracted like hemp-based CBD, PureForm CBD™ contains no residue or solvents. It is stable, soluble, and consistent. It works, and it works every time. Its purity and chemical structure make it ideal for use as an ingredient. Unlike hemp CBD which is extracted with oils and leaves a strong and unpleasant taste, PureForm CBD™ is odorless, tasteless, and available in both liquid and powder formats. It blends easily into formulations and food preparations. 

PureForm CBD has been certified by Clean Label Project, an independent product quality certification company. We have attained the Pesticide Free Certification, Purity Award and THC Free Award. There are only a few CBD brands that have passed these tests, and PureForm CBD is now the only CBD ingredient with these certifications.

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